One Heart Africa Academy (OHAA) is a Christian school which believes in raising children through biblical principles using the American Christian Curriculum. Having Christian values is at the heart of OHAA and understanding the true purpose of life is our utmost objective. OHAA uses the Abeka curriculum which is an American Christian Curriculum that applies biblical principles to all subjects taught.

One Heart Africa Academy (OHAA) is a Ghanaian based school located in East Legon, Accra. We run the basic school system that is from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

We focus on self-learning approach and teach other languages including French and Korean. Other sports include Basketball, Football and Volleyball. Our facility is fully air-conditioned and digitized with ultra-modern teaching tools.


K-4 & K-5

Kindergarten is a very important stage in education. This is the foundation of every child and we at OHAA do not take it for granted. Children from with age ranging from 3.5 to 5 years are legible for kindergarten. We offer various relevant courses which includes phonics, numbers, skills development and Montessori. Also, the opportunity is given to know God's word through bible time and learn about all things with God centred understanding. OHAA assist students to develop their motor, creative, personal and life skills through our various activities. OHAA gives care and love to work on self- confidence through our show and tell activities.



6-8 year olds are usually admitted into the lower grades, that is, grades 1-3. In lower grade, students are faced with a new challenge, a new opportunity and a whole new learning experience. Concepts at this stage are presented according to a spiraling curriculum, meaning that they are revisited during each year of Lower Elementary in greater depth and all concepts are firstly presented practically and to stimulate the imagination of the children , and then gradually to abstract materials as students mature intellectually. There are many important lessons your child will learn including: Phonics and Language, Arithmetic, Spelling and Poetry, Reading and Comprehension, Writing, Ghanaian History and French. An amazing feature for lower grade is that, students begin to put down their own opinions and thoughts on paper. Another feature which is an icing on the cake is the Help Class where students get a 100 per cent attention from the Teacher on lessons they couldn't comprehend. Students also get the opportunity to air their views and suggest possible solutions to make the classroom and the entire school a fun place to be !



Upper grade consists of 4th, 5th, and 6th grades usually for 9 - 12 year olds. At the Upper Elementary, pupils are transitioning using deep thoughts and higher levels of research. Subjects OHAA offers at the upper elementary classes include; Arithmetic(Maths), Language Art(English), Science and Health, History (American and Ghanaian), Reading, Spelling and Vocabulary, French, Creative Arts, as well as extra Curricular Activities (Poetry, Sports,Music). A unique feature for our upper graders is the listening and discussion period where students are encouraged to air their views and have intellectual debates on pressing issues in our world.


The athletics program at One Heart Africa Academy is designed to provide a positive and caring environment which helps to prepare our students for success in life. Student-athletes at OHAA are offered opportunities for year-round skill development in a variety of sports and activities. With a focus on increasing student’s physical fitness and well-being, our athletics program encourages the development of skills, teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and most of all – having fun.

    Some activities include:

  • Elite Sports
  • Swimming (Compulsory - life-saver)
  • Coding
  • asare

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