Online Class

Expertly developed lessons are delivered in both pre-recorded and live stream video modes. We also supplement our traditional classroom lessons with DVD lessons that contain some of the best teaching and learning contents available. Our Online lessons are structured to run in an ‘extended’ mode to ensure it covers the usual school-hours in a day.

The Classroom Experience is Still Preserved

The inclusion of the pre-recorded video lessons in the online classes is done in a way that makes students experience a real-classroom experience. The pre-recorded lessons are also structured to have sections of the video allow for the participation of learners , in assignments , activities and games related to the lesson.


How to get involved.
All you need to do is to assist your child.

Parents need to provide their child with a tablet/phone/computer with an internet connection. A detailed orientation on how to use our world-class e-learning platform is given to all participating parents and students. Relevant and supporting books for all the lessons to be treated at every level are distributed at the orientation. As a school with keen interest in your child succeeding in life with the education we offer here, we will make every effort to ensure a 100% participation by students. The support and participation of parents is also an important element for us at OHAA. Parents are to guide their children on how to handle the devices and also help them stay aligned with the schedule calls with their teachers.


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OHAA's first day of school was 6th of September for 2021/2022 academic year.
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