One Heart Africa Academy FAQs

What is OHAA?
One Heart Africa Academy is a world-class educational institution established on a strong Christian foundation and the desire to nurture unity.
What Curriculum is OHAA using?
A world-renowned American Christian Curriculum called the Abeka Curriculum. The Abeka Curriculum has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) and by the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS), since 1954.
What system is OHAA running?
OHAA runs a three (3) term calendar starting from September to July.
What makes OHAA special?
  1. Biblical Principles are the foundation of everything we do here at OHAA. We empower our students to attain their full potentials and to easily think out-of-the-box in all situations.
  2. Lessons are expertly delivered in varying modes to keep interest and engagement with students at the highest levels at all times. These also included live-streaming from Abeka USA under the supervision of our able class teachers.
  3. An OHAA education is uniquely developed to touch and grow every aspect of your child’s education. Our cursive writing lessons start as early as KG4 (Age 4) to ensure every student acquires the best handwriting as they progress.
  4. Coding is also part of the early-age exposure we give our students. OHAA is keenly interested in nurturing global citizens with the required skills to fit and excel anywhere in the world.
  5. OHAA Elite Sports Program helps keep students active and fit. Some of the activities also teach them vital survival skills and allow them to discover and better their sporting passions. Activities include swimming, golf, tennis, etc. Kindly click here for more details.
  6. Another extracurricular activity we expose our cherished students to is the playing of musical instruments. These lessons are delivered by professionals in our music lab who ensure our students gain the needed confidence in playing a musical instrument of choice.
  7. OHAA takes the quest of nurturing global citizens to a whole new level. Languages like French & Korean are also taught. Our lessons go beyond just ensuring our students are able to read and write these languages, to expanding their understanding of the cultures these languages originate from.
How big is your class?
We operate a maximum of 12 students per classroom. The small number makes the attention and supervision from teachers much better than in many other places. And as a Christian School, we also take a cue from our Lord Jesus Christ and believe 12 well-trained students and disciples at a time is enough to create the change we desire in the world.
During Covid19, how did your students study at home?
With the already innovative tools and technologies OHAA traditionally deploys in its lesson delivery and education, adapting to the new normal and ensuring a sustainable and quality education for our students was not a big shift from an everyday business at OHAA. Our ed-technologies facilitated live streaming of Abeka Curriculum lessons right in the home of every student. Live interactions with teachers via video conferencing set-ups are also included. Kindly click here for more details.
During Covid19, does studying Online Class Program at home affect school fees?
No, we don't. When you resort to Online Class Program, you pay 50% of the school fees. Kindly click here for more details.
Post Covid 19, how ready are you?
Not only have we installed hand washing basins in every class rooms but we have also added additional hand washing taps. Our smaller class sizes will also help in monitoring and controlling the situation. It also helps to ensure the right social distancing in and around the classrooms. Above all, we pray for God’s protection over all our children.
Are there extra fees? In other words, are there any hidden fees?
Our School fees include tuition and all required textbooks. We currently use uniforms and all you need to provide would be the items indicated on the Prospectus for each student (eg. Pencils, notebooks, etc). The Prospectus is available on our website for download (NB: requires Login as parent) . Extra Curriculum Activities are surcharged.
How is food served?
We have an in-house hot kitchen with a qualified Chef. We serve Continental, Ghanaian and Oriental cuisines. The menu will be shared with parents.
Do you have financial aid?
Yes. We offer financial aid. We also accept donations. Please visit Financial Aid page for more information. Kindly click here for more details.



Hello Sroeda, Why do you love teaching at OHAA?


Well, I realized my passion for teaching quite late so I felt I needed an environment that would really help me build this dream of imparting knowledge and helping children grow academically. I am proud to say my decision to be at One Heart Africa Academy (OHAA) is and shall remain one of my best decisions, and as a teacher, I feel appreciated and valued to be here. Seeing children develop academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually, all at the same time, has been an amazing experience. The best part is I get to be part of this success story, benefit from the numerous training and career development opportunities, and still get to close each day far more fulfilled than the day before. Thank you OHAA.

Sroeda Emmanuella Atiamoah Upper grade teacher, OHAA

Hey Yuna, can you tell us how your experince has been since you joined OHAA?


Hello, I am 10 years old and in grade five (5). I came to OHAA about one and half years ago This school is very different from other schools because learning and understanding what is taught is made very simple by my teachers. The curriculum gives me a good understanding of every subject and helps me learn more about American history and the history of many other countries too. I also like the very educative and exciting field trips.

Student, OHAA

Peace, briefly tell us about OHAA's curriculum.


The fully Christian-based curriculum which also has the Bible as a core subject, allows OHAA to offer its students a wonderful learning experience and the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with God at the same time. As a teacher, this curriculum has opened me up to interesting and enjoyable methods of teaching. Choosing OHAA goes beyond just schooling, it offers every child and teacher an opportunity to be part of a family that gives that additional sense of belonging and thrives on common goals and passions of academic excellence & faithful Christian living.

Thonard Peace
French Teacher, OHAA

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